We had to use a portable shower container for our home.

When my fiance Kim plus I lost our household in a fire, my good friend and I wanted to rebuild on the same land.

The insurance supplier gave us an apartment, but Kim and I had a small camper that my good friend and I could stay in for the six months it would take to rebuild.

The only thing Kim and I didn’t have in the camper was a shower. Kim and I wanted a portable shower container so my good friend and I could shower plus still stay in the RV. The insurance supplier helped us to secure a portable shower container which had an onboard restroom. They paid the rental fee for the entire time my good friend and I lived in the RV camper. Our construction manager wasn’t glad with Kim and I living so close to the house. They thought I was being a nuisance when I started asking questions. When they did something I disagreed with, I would call the insurance supplier plus complain. What they didn’t get was that it was my house, plus I was the construction manager, even if I didn’t own that construction corporation. I had to laugh when one worker who was working on the household ran into the portable shower container to take a quick shower. He had taken a bath in plaster plus had to scrub off before getting in his truck. I laughed plus told him he should have asked me first before going in, plus he laughed with me. That was what the owner of the construction crew told me when I walked in the door just two mornings earlier. He told me Touché’, plus then he asked if I wanted to go into the local neighborhood with him. He was going to option up some things for the bathroom, so I could option out the ceiling fan plus light kits I wanted.



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