Easy to get the most from your heat pump

If it’s June in this region, then that sound you’re hearing is a heat pump.

The sound of the heat pump is nearly ubiquitous during the Summer around here! Shoot, there are heat pumps running from March all the way into November providing some level of air conditioner in this region.

But this time of year is when you will absolutely hear a chorus of central air conditioner in just about every city. Those of us who have been around a while know that air conditioner is essential for managing the Summer heat. Yet, the cost of air conditioner can get out of hand if you don’t pay attention. For sure, there are things a homeowner can do in order to keep a lid on those cooling costs. I always beginning by making sure that I’m getting the most out of my heat pump. What I mean by that is I try to be sure that I’m maximizing the efficiency of my Heating plus A/C equipment. That starts with an air conditioner tune up in the Spring. The Spring is also the time where my house begins to acclimate to the rising rapidly changing temperatures. We do that by not reaching for the thermostat. Instead, we wait to particularly crank up the air conditioner until the rapidly changing temperatures breach the 90 degree mark. At that point, the air conditioner is pretty much just left on. But by keeping the house warmer during the peak heating hours of the day, we keep the heat pump from running too much. From there, it’s just being sure to be consistent with the thermostat setting plus wait for November.


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