In-laws didn’t listen to the Heating plus A/C specialist

It’s a whole up-to-date world for me the last few years.

And I’m not just talking about changing to the pandemic which resulted in me being cooped up inside the air conditioner for 18 months, but no, that wasn’t the toughest of the changes in my life know it or not.

Shortly after vaccinations were available for Covid, my in laws moved to town. This was something that was just sort of done without me being involved in the discussion. I’m not sure even my wifey had much input when it came to them making the move down here. Before I knew it, they were buying a small house plus moving in. This has been a real adjustment for me. My wifey’s parents plus I don’t exactly see eye to eye. I was not their option for a husband to their child plus they’ve made that truly clear over the years. So I’ve just sort of kept my head down plus tried to be respectful. Well, I’m sure going to need more than that as I’m now looking at those two residing inside the central air conditioner of my home. That’s right, for at least the next 6 to 8 weeks, they will be residing inside our home. The house they bought came with particularly old Heating plus A/C equipment. And they ignored my advice to replace it. Then, they ignored the Heating plus A/C specialist this Spring when he told them that the heat pump wouldn’t make it through the Summer. This was again information that I wasn’t privy to. Now, they have to wait to get the up-to-date residential Heating plus A/C for their house… Looks like I’m in for a couple of more months of pain.
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