HVAC in the attic made sense

My son and I were up in the attic this Spring as part of the big time Spring cleaning event that happens each year.

My wife is a big proponent of really tearing apart the house and cleaning every inch of it once a year. And the Spring is really the best time for that. This is also the point when we have the HVAC professionals come to the house. The first visit is for the air conditioning tune up on the heat pump. That’s part of the HVAC service plan benefits. We get HVAC maintenance in the Fall and the Spring as part of that project. But the other visit from the HVAC professionals is all about the Spring cleaning. We also get ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done each Spring. It really improves the indoor air quality while maximizing the efficiency of the heat pump by sealing leaks around the air duct joints. Anyway, my son and I were up in the attic cleaning when he made a really good observation. The attic was finished with walls and a plywood floor for some reason by the previous owner. So my son thought it might be a cool place to make a sort of quiet room. A place where one could get away and just me alone or read or whatever. The only thing we needed was some quality heating and air. And we knew just who to call for that. The HVAC professionals made quick work of installing a ductless heat pump in our attic. And sure enough, I love going up there to just take a beat or even meditate when things are a bit to raucous in the house.


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