The repairman took time to explain everything to me

I heard a particularly uncommon sound coming from the heater.

  • It sounded like two pieces of metal rubbing together.

I was uneasy there was an issue. Even though the boiler was running just fine, the sound was bizarre plus it had me nervous. I made an appointment with a local repairman. The repairman came to the house on Monday to look at the boiler related problems. The repairman asked me a couple of questions about my house plus the condition of the heater. The lady wanted to know when the last time was that the air filter was changed plus she wanted to know if I officially paid someone to repair the assistant. I had not run tests on the boiler in a while. I was embarrassed to tell the repair lady the truth, so I told her that it had been about a year. I’m sure she could tell that was not consistent just by looking at the age plus condition of the heating and A/C system. I was particularly thankful that the repair lady took the time to explain the entire process as she looked at the system to put down the uncommon plus bizarre sound. Towards the top of the heater, there was a seasoned jagged screw that had become cottages in the side of the machine. It was starting to scrape against the side of the system. Every time the boiler came on, the rattling of the screw made that noise. I was cheerful to find out that it was not a problem with the boiler plus even happier that it was not a fancy repair issue.


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