The weather is sizzling one afternoon plus freezing the next afternoon

Even though it is winter time outside right now, it is still really sizzling on some afternoons throughout the week… On Saturday uneven temperatures were in the 40s plus cold.

I had to run the boiler in the afternoon plus in the evening.

I made cookies to sizzle up the property plus my friend and I had tepid chocolate by the fireplace. Over the weekend, uneven temperatures were closer to 76° with lots of sunshine plus really few clouds. I actually found myself wanting to turn on the air conditioner in the afternoon. I tried to keep myself from turning on the air conditioner because I know how terrible it is for the system to run on heat one afternoon plus then run on cool the next. I also turned on a couple of fans throughout the property so I could have a nice breeze when the temperature was warm. Now it’s also going to be in the 40s again. I am going to need to use the boiler. I am seriously upset about the condition of the heating plus air conditioner system, so I decided to contact a local repairman to have a full system repair tune-up performed on the boiler. If there are any issues at all, the tune-up will find them. I contacted a local business that has great reviews on line for purchaser service plus prices. I’ve used the heating plus air conditioner system service business in the past plus I feel this is the same business that installed the boiler more than 2 years ago. I didn’t ask when I called, but I am also pretty sure that the same business is coming to help.


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