Going to work on my HVAC system

I have one cat leaning on my leg now as I type, my girl cat named Baby, because I had to put her brother Fat Boy in the kitchen so she could eat some of the food I gave them.

Fat Boy enjoys food and he usually eats more than Baby, leaving her hungry and meowing just after feeding them.

So I have him in isolation while she eats to deliver her a chance for supper. I will let him out soon and he will sniff around looking for the food bowl, which will be nowhere for him, but the heating and A/C rep neighbor of mine said he has the same problem with his one dog that he found outside this local business, and he said he only feeds him a small amount each day till he loses the weight. I feel dogs like to eat just like cats do and will overeat if you keep feeding them. Anyway, my air conditioning is going to be running this week, cooling us all down as we do our things in my flat. I will get my work done in two more hours and then take the rest of the day to relax and gather my thoughts. The heating and A/C business is closed this week for a holiday and I am going to genuinely work a bit on my heating and A/C system later to wash it up some. I know I can get it all done in an hour or so and I will be set for the rest of the summer season. I just need to wash my air conditioning filter well.


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