My flat is well insulated

It is getting pretty hot in my flat now and it is only 10:30 in the morning still.

I have my little fan on keeping me cool although I know I am going to need some more help in a couple of hours max.

This flat is pretty well insulated and is a newer flat in the middle floor of the building, so it doesn’t get all that heat from the sunshine or the freezing from the wintertime, and that keeps our bills fairly low. I will try to use my fan to stay cool but air conditioning is going to be a must soon as this flat has been heating up to the point of being uncomfortable lately, and anyway, this week is Sunday and I will get my work done soon so that I can start to focus on our band and playing later. This local dealer is going to hire us to play for their customers in their air conditioned club next week and we want to practice a bit more before then. I know they are paying us like $500 for two hours, which seems like way too much money for a current band like us, but if they want to pay we will play. The heat pump in that club went out a few weeks ago and they hired our heating and A/C business to install a new one, and that is how we got the gig at this location. I gave them a card to listen to our music online and they genuinely seem to like them, so things look like they are heating up for us.


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