My partner only considered buying a Carrier HVAC component

Are you one of those people who are obsessed with brand names? Ginny’s partner is and it drives her quite mad.

She would spend extra money on a product just because it has a certain name attached to it.

And don’t get Ginny wrong, she understands that certain products are better than others and many of the brands that she knows, and loves have been producing quality products for years. But personally, Ginny doesn’t need to have the top brand on the market as there are other products that perform just as well and occasionally even better but get overlooked because of the name. Take for example, when they were in the process of purchasing a new HVAC unit, her partner insisted on getting a Carrier HVAC and she would not consider any other brands because she was convinced that Carrier was the best on the market. And yeah, Carrier is a solid HVAC manufacturer. In fact, they are the pioneers of central air conditioning and have been around since the beginning of the air conditioning revolution. And over the years, the supplier has cemented its status within the HVAC industry. But there are other companies that produce HVAC devices that would be comparable to that of Carrier. For instance, Lennox, Bryant, and Trane are well-established HVAC manufacturers. But because they’re not Carrier, Ginny’s partner refused to consider purchasing one of their HVAC units even if they were comparable to that of a component from Carrier. Needless to say, they ended up buying a Carrier component because of the name. But, if it were up to Ginny, she would’ve shopped around and compared prices and quality with the other brands on the market. Oh well, such is life.

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