No air conditioning on a bike

I’m going to the bike store in half an hour to see if they can help me.

I just need some current calipers for my bike because mine are all rusted out.

I know my brake lines and everything else is good, so if they have the parts in stock then I will be all set. There are a lot of people in town now for a festival and I need good brakes on my bike or I am going to run into troubles, literally! I know they have them and I hope they are too expensive at the local dealer in town because then I don’t have to order online from this local business dealer in a nearby town. I can get them online for $20 for the pair, although I am willing to pay double that if the guy in town has them. I know I can put them on my bike in about twenty minutes and then I should be set for a few years with the new ones, and then I can ride around in weather conditions and control luxury once again. It is nice not having to worry about air conditioning on my bike like I had to when I had a car. I know I have all the tools to do the job, but if not my neighbor usually has everything I need, then he is a current business in town and has a ton of heating and A/C tools and other tools for fixing things around the house. I am an engineer and I know I can handle this task no problem.

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