She loves working on HVAC systems

Joan is trying to decide what she will do for the rest of the day once she finishes her work.

  • She thinks that will just happen how it is supposed to after she finishes her work.

So Joan will just focus on her work and get it done and not worry about what she is going to do once it is all done. It is superb to stay in the present moment and not dream of what you will do in the future or what you have done in the past. Her neighbor who works at the heating dealership has a meditation group that means each day and Joan is thinking it would be a superb idea to join them plus work on her mindfulness. She knows that the HEPA filter salesman goes to the session each week, and has been for a long time, and he seems to be really calm from doing so. Joan will try to make it a point to go there as well each week so she can be a calmer version of herself in the future. She likes working on heating and cooling systems, however periodically she gets impatient and frustrated if something is going well, such as an HVAC repair that is taking longer than it should. Joan feels that being in the moment would help her a lot with her music too, so this is going to be her goal for the next year or so to see how well it works. Then maybe her job for the cooling corp would be a lot better.

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