She opted for an electric fireplace since it was manageable

Since Olivia was six, she has appreciated wood burning fireplaces.

Even though they didn’t have one inside their home, Olivia admired them when she saw them inside other people’s homes.

So, she knew from that age that she wanted to have a fireplace when she became an adult. Well, that idea quickly went away when Olivia came to learn how much work went into maintaining a wood burning fireplace. She discovered this as a teen when they went on holiday in the mountains. And of course, her folks rented a household that came with a wood burning fireplace. Olivia was so excited about this as it was the first time that she would get an opportunity to rest in front of an actual fireplace. She had it all planned out, she wanted to have hot cocoa, eat cooking and rest with a blanket while she watched the sparks flicker. As pleasant as that sounded in her head, Olivia didn’t feel about all the prep work that was needed to begin a fire. She was entirely surprised that her folks knew what to do as they didn’t have a fireplace in their home. Before starting the fire, they checked the chimney for any excess debris, cleaned out the fireplace, checked the glass cover, and made sure that the grate was in fantastic condition. All the prep work that they did took about 40 minutes, and Olivia is glad that she was able to see that process because it made her rethink getting a wood burning fireplace. Instead, she has settled for an electric version that she just plugs into a wall and presses a button to turn it on.


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