Time for a up-to-date roof!

Frisbee hockey is a game where you try to throw a novelty flying disc through a small aperture that serves as the goal, and for example – in my backyard I have a metal pole set up, and there is a two-foot wide loop hanging from the top of it, but much like throwing a bullseye in darts or scoring a hole-in-one at hockey, the idea here is to sit a distance away and throw a frisbee through that loop.

I keep a whole box of frisbees on hand, because they often go astray, either into the woods or up on the roof.

I am not a roofing dealer, and don’t like to climb on top of the house, so usually I will only get up there once a month or so, last weekend I counted sixteen frisbees stuck in my roofing, so I had to get the ladder and climb up there, then even though I was particularly careful with my steps the roofing caved and collapsed under me, and I almost broke my leg! As soon as I got myself down safely I called several unusual local roofing companies to get a price estimate for replacements and repairs. I knew that there had not been a roof replacement done on my condo in almost 20 years, and that I would absolutely need a whole up-to-date roof, but nothing lasts forever, and even the nicer, most reliable roof will need to be replaced eventually. I have heard a lot of fantastic things about sheet metal roofing instead of traditional shingles, and that sounds interesting to me.