Squirrels damaging my roofing

Late at night as I am laying in bed trying to sleep I can hear the scratching of animal paws above my ceiling.

At first I did not know what critters they were, and if they were on top of the roof or in the crawl space beneath it.

There was no good answer to this issue, of course, because it was some kind of invasive rodent, and they were hanging out in my house every night. The animal control pro told me that the rats and mice normally come out after midnight, but that squirrels followed their own rules! I needed to find roof service, just to find out if the animals had chewed their way into my attic or crawl space. I talked to a roofing contractor who said it would cost me $200 just to have him check things out, so I decided to do it myself. I have no experience with roofing, so in hindsight this was a bad idea, but I did not want to spend $200! After walking around up there for a few minutes I became aware that several huge patches of the roofing material were flimsy and thin. I had to watch every single step I took, because I needed roof service badly, and this roof could barely support my weight. I don’t know if the squirrels and other critters were damaging my roofing, or if it was natural wear and tear from the elements. I called the roofing company the following day and asked to set up an appointment for a roof inspection and price estimate.

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