Sky High bills for the courthouse.

Coming from a small neighborhood and moving to the town is a major transition… Not only did I have to get used to having people living so close to me, I had to acclimate to using an Heating and Air Conditioning system all the time so that I would have fresh air in my home.

  • I took a job for the local government as the clerk at the courthouse.

This meant that I not only took payments for traffic tickets, permits, and parking fees, I also had to pay the bills. I was given clearance to sign the checks and each time a bill came in, I paid it out of the appropriate line item on the budget. When I looked at the budget overall, I noticed that the amount set aside for utilities was truly high. After the first bill came in, I knew why. They were paying almost a thousand dollars a month just to heat and cool the courthouse. I know that it is an older building although I thought this was outrageous. The taxpayers in the neighborhood would be furious if they knew the amount that it was costing. I asked the building superintendent if there was a concern with the Heating and Air Conditioning system. She just said that it was old and had a hard time keeping the venue at a constant temperature. I called my buddy at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and asked if they could send someone to do an energy assessment on the building. After that was done, they had multiple recommendations to help save currency. The number one suggestion was to add multiple zones to the system so that my associate and I could save currency on heating areas that were vacant most of the time. After toiling where I do for the past multiple months, I suppose there are various ways that my associate and I can split costs and save the taxpayers currency. Fixing the Heating and Air Conditioning system was just the beginning of my suggestions.

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