Trying to survive the Holiday

When I am apartment I never feel overwhelmed by temperature.

Many things come to mind when you guess about our country’s Independence Day. Picnics, family, friends, and fireworks. This time also brings to mind the moderate Summer sun and humidity. I savor seeing everyone and taking part in the festivities however I hate baking in the sun. I wish there was a way to enjoy everything from the comfort of my air conditioned condo. I would be okay with some sort of indoor pool celebration too. The moderate humid days take a toll on me both emotionally and physically. I tend to be moody due to the heat and the humidity causes bad headaches. I try to put on a gleeful face and make it through the day. I smile at everyone’s conversations, laugh as the teenagers run around, and try to stomach the moderate pets and potato salad. By the time the sun sets and the fireworks start all I can guess about is heading apartment and diving into bed. I want the cool air from the Heating and Air Conditioning system to rush over me. The safety and security of my apartment and my lovely Heating and Air Conditioning system gives me a kind of peace that I can’t find in any park or at any celebration. When I am apartment I never feel overwhelmed by temperature. Heat, humidity, or cold are never and issue so long as I am at home. Celebrating our Nation’s birthday is genuinely crucial to me however maybe this year I will kneel it out and watch the fireworks on TV. I can make my own burger, drink my wine, and get a comfortable evening’s sleep.

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