A miserable time of year for sleeping

The weather of late has been so moderate that it is impossible to sleep.

Sure, we have a portable cooling system in our study room, however the noise it makes is sometimes worse than dealing with the heat, then this lack of quality sleep has started to take its toll on my relationship.

I am grouchy, short tempered, and pretty much bothered by the existence of my wife these days. I feel bad however I can not help snapping at him over the smallest of things. She is reaching that point too so we have decided that not talking to each other is best for the most part. Many of our friends have Heating and Air Conditioning systems that include air conditioner and they don’t seem to be in the same foul mood most of the time. I guess this has a lot to do with how quiet their systems are. They are used to the same noise year round too. She heat and air conditioner both use the same ductwork and produce the same noise when they are operating. There is no, getting used to, the current mechanical noise of a blowing fan and running motor. I swear it sounds like a freight train when the thing is running. I kneel there hoping it will cycle down for just long enough for me to drift off to sleep. It seldom does when the evening time temps are in the upper seventies with high humidity. I know it is better than lying in a pool of sweat I just wish they made them more quiet.

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