Futile attempt to combat the elements

The last round of storms that hit our area was really brutal.

Rain fell at a rate of two inches per hour and the winds gusted to seventy five miles per hour.

When morning broke the mess that this left behind was pretty intense. When I headed outside to try and pick up some of my yard all I heard was the sound of chainsaws and leaf blowers. I knew that I had to at least clean up the downed branches and attempt to rake up some of the leaves. When I rounded the corner to the back of the house I was saddened to see that a huge branch had fallen across my exterior HVAC unit. The air handler had a large dent in the top and I wasn’t sure if it had damaged any of the interior part of the unit. I placed a call to my HVAC dealer and he advised me not to try running the unit until it was checked out. He told me that they couldn’t be out until the next day so I simply put the branch aside and went back to trying to rake the yard. With the wind speeds still gusting to thirty this was a futile attempt at best. I decided to call it a day and wait until the weather completely calmed down before heading out to try again. At least I was able to pick up all the branches and remove the large one the HVAC unit. I hope the storms stay away until the technician arrives to make sure that my air conditioner still works because hot muggy air caused by heavy rains is no fun to deal with either.


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