The deal of a lifetime on end of the year models

My husband is obsessed with getting a deal. When we need something replaced at the house he always scours the clearance inventory to see if there is something that will work. The most annoying thing he does this with is appliances. I don’t think I can ever recall owning a brand new appliances that didn’t come from the scratch and dent inventory. He always says that they are just as good as the one that comes in a box but I have had to be very clever in hiding these flaws once they arrive at the house. My husband even keeps spray paint in the garage that matches most white appliances to cover up scratches. These were the only things I could think of when our HVAC system died. I thought that he was going to go to the dealer and come home with some beat up unit and tell me how great of a deal he got on it. Well, he totally surprised me when he came in and announced that the new unit would be arriving and it was still in its original packaging. I sarcastically made a comment about the scratch and dent specials he had gotten in the past and he told me that the new unit was actually cheaper than any of the floor models that they had.

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