Warming tent is critical to the success of our project

Our science team has been working for the past six months trying to identify all of the artifacts at a local dig site.

In order to fully identify the Native American tribe that lived in the area and document how long they were there we have been carefully removing and cataloging each fragment that we find. Now that winter is approaching our progress has slowed significantly. Fortunately we don’t get snow in our area but temperatures do dip into the low forties. This coupled with the wind can make for a miserable day at work. We had to contract with a local company that rents out large tents that they can set up as temporary shelters. They have the ability to put up these tents and fully heat them within a few hours. In no time we had a lab type setting that had lighting and heat so that we could continue to run several shifts a day. We want to see this project through and have it wrapped up before the real Winter weather sets in. additionally no one wants to work through the holidays either. We are very thankful that modern portable HVAC units are so efficient and can provide us the comfort that we need to do our work. Most of our crew has no problem working in the summer heat and sun but they would not stay on with us if they had to be out in the cold for long. I can’t really say as I blame them and there are always excavation opportunities in the warmer areas that they can sign on with during the Winter here in the United States.

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