Climate Changes

My husband, Vince, & I recently moved up north in order to grow my husband’s business.

It was a legitimately difficult decision for us to make because my buddy and I both grew up down south, & both of our families are down south. My friend and I have been up here for about nine months now, & it has certainly been quite a shock for us. It almost felt like my buddy and I were moving to a weird culture. I am starting to get used to the ways of the northerners, however I do not suppose that I will ever legitimately fit in. The hardest part about moving for us was easily not the difference in the “culture” however rather the difference in the weather conditions. My friend and I were used to only turning on the heater for about a month & a half per year. Now, my buddy and I have to keep the heater running for more than half of the year. It is just so cold. I find myself getting sick a lot more often, & I assume, it is because of how cold it is here. Our study room used to get legitimately cold during the afternoons, so my buddy and I purchased an electric heater to help put off some more heat. I turn it on about three hours before my buddy and I plan to go to bed, & the room is nice & toasty by the time my buddy and I are ready for bed. I told my husband about how much I don’t like the cold, & he totally agreed with me. I thought he would like it because he was always complaining about the heat down south, although he easily misses the heat now. All in all, my buddy and I are getting used to our new place of living, however I’m not sure that it will ever feel like home.


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