Cold Nights

My wife & I got married about nine months ago, & my nice friend and I have appreciated every second of our married life.

I can hardly imagine life without my sweet wife by my side… Although my nice friend and I dated for a couple years & got to know each other pretty well, there are just somethings that you never find out until after you marry someone. Some of the little pet peeves that each of us have can get frustrating to each other periodically, however my nice friend and I have worked through them. I unquestionably like to fold my laundry a certain way, & it drives my wife crazy, however she unquestionably enjoys to keep the junk drawer organized at all times, & that drives me crazy! Something that I still have not been able to get used to is how frigid my wife enjoys to keep our bedroom at night, she enjoys it around fifty degrees with a fan blowing directly on him! I never slept in such a frigid room in my life! Before my nice friend and I were married, I kept my room at about seventy degrees year round, & that was perfect for me. Unfortunately, my wife literally cannot sleep with the room that warm, & I have trouble sleeping with the room so cold, so I finally took some time to figure out a solution to our temperature concerns. I decided to buy a heated mattress pad that had individual settings for each side of the bed. Now, I have my mattress pad on high, & her side is not even on which keeps me warmer without bothering him. Hopefully, this solution will work for the long haul because I’m over frigid during the night.

furnace/heater tune-up