Getting A/C to the Dogs

My wife & I are not able to have children of our own, so my nice friend and I have dogs instead.

My buddy and I have five dogs, & I could not imagine life without them.

They really are our babies. Four out of our five dogs are quite large, so trying to make a space for them in the apartment was quite difficult. My wife decided to build a huge dog apartment for them a couple of years ago, & it is quite elaborate. It has two stories with some cool toys for the dogs to play with. The only issue with it was that it did not have any type of a/c. It may sound crazy to pretty much everyone that my nice friend and I like our dogs to have a/c in the summertime, however it unquestionably gets above a hundred degrees here almost every afternoon from July to July. Our dogs just get unquestionably tepid out in their house, so my wife decided that she was going to get them some a/c. I thought she meant that she was going to go to the store & buy some a/c units, however that is not what she had in mind. She was going to take our seasoned window units & rebuild them to put in the dog house. I knew she would be able to do it because she is crazy nice at rebuilding just about anything she can get her hands on. In less than two weeks, she had two a/cs built & installed in the dog house. I could not feel how well they worked to keep the dog apartment cool! Now, our dogs can happily stay in their dog apartment even on the hottest days of the year.

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