I have two A/Cs in our bedroom

I am the type of person that is consistently too hot. I find myself covered in sweat when other people say that they are cold. It is super annoying, however I don’t know why it happens to me. I make sure to eat a healthy diet, and I exercise officially, so I have no clue why I sweat so much. Maybe I am just a cold blooded soul. It does not get super tepid where my pal and I live, however to me, it gets too warm for comfort while in the Summer months. Most of the people that I know don’t even own an A/C because it only gets up to like eighty degrees while in the warmest Summer days. There is usually a breeze too which makes it feel even cooler. Most people just open their windows, and they are comfortable in their house. I have tried to do that, however I just can’t sit it. It is too tepid for me to be able to be comfortable in my house. I have an A/C in my bedroom to help me sleep at night, actually, I have two A/Cs in there now. My husband did not mind having the one A/C in there, although he is pretty aggravated that I have two in there now. I feel bad that I need two, however the one A/C did not cool down our bathroom enough. I hated getting up every day and having to take a shower in a tepid bathroom, so I put an A/C in there as well. Summer weather should be over soon, so I hope that I can get rid of at least one of the A/Cs relatively soon.


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