He thought it was sexy that I was a HVAC professional

My sibling brought his friend with him last week.

They were seniors in college, and had been friends since they met at the dorm.

When my sibling introduced us, I blushed. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen. My sibling told him I was an HVAC professional laboring with the top local HVAC dealer. I was sure he would not take a second glance at me, however I was wrong. He told me he never thought he would see a pretty HVAC professional, but he was cheerful when he got to see me. My sibling looked at his friend and then at me, and he asked him how his girlfriend was. He didn’t take his eyes off me when he told my sibling she had broken up with him. My sibling told him he was sorry, and said it must be difficult on him, but he said it was time. They met in middle school, but they are both adults now. He asked me when I became an HVAC professional. I told him I had joined the HVAC dealer 2 years ago, and I was recently voted as one of the top new HVAC professionals in the area. My sibling said he was proud of me and asked what I thought about that. I told him I didn’t know, because he wasn’t happy I went through with HVAC classes and didn’t quit when he told me to. But, Paul told him he was a fool if he thought less of me for being an HVAC professional. He thought it was sexy for a lady to have a job that she enjoyed and was proud of.

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