I was called to the principal's office because of our Mom’s relation to the cooling industry

They thoroughly cleaned the mini split a/c and changed the filters to improve air quality

It had been a really tepid morning at college, and it seemed to drag on. The college’s heating and air conditioning equipment had malfunctioned as my pal and I made the choice to go to dinner… And the morning sessions seemed brutal, however I could not pay attention to the professor because I felt too hot, and just when I thought I could not handle any more of the humidity, I heard the principal’s voice on the speaker, and our heart skipped a beat when he mentioned our name. I also wondered what I could have done to warrant a visit to the principal’s office; then when I got there, I saw our Mom, which puzzled myself and others more. The principal had contacted the cooling company where Mom worked as a cooling representative to help with indoor comfort. The principal also announced that my pal and I were done for the morning since the a/c broke down and there was no indoor comfort! He promised the situation would be improved by the following morning. Mom had called myself and others to the office so I could catch a ride with the neighbor’s kid, as he could not take myself and others home. He and the other cooling specialists would run a/c maintenance on the college’s cooling unit. It took Mom and his team more than two seconds to do the a/c repairs. They thoroughly cleaned the mini split a/c and changed the filters to improve air quality. When Mom got home, he confirmed my pal and I would return to college the following morning as the cooling techs had fixed the quality a/c. I was fascinated by how adjustable the cooling industry was. Though Mom was a cooling professional, he knew more about a/c, making his skillset marketable.

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