They laughed and opened the door.

I planned an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner for my fiance’s family.

It was the first meal I cooked with or without his help, and it was the first time they were going to meet me.

I wanted to make the best first impression ever, so they would not know my fiance was marrying beneath him. I had all the ingredients to make our meal, and our recipes were pasted on the refrigerator, in the order in which I was going to cook. My fiance and I were getting ready to cook, when I heard a strange noise. The next thing we heard was silence. I looked at him, and he looked at me. The gas furnace had quit working. How could we have a Thanksgiving dinner if there was no heat in the house? I was about ready to cry when Matt told me not to worry. He got into his jeans and old t-shirt, and headed into the basement. He told me I could kiss the HVAC professional as payment for saving the holiday. I don’t know what I would have done if our fiance wasn’t an HVAC professional. Our dinner would have been ruined. Two hours later, the gas furnace was running, and dinner was cooking. Matt was pleased with the smells coming from the living room when he came in the door. We were going to take a shower before his family arrived, but they were there 2 hours early. We laughed and opened the door. Matt looked like his dad, and his mom gave him a hug. She sniffed the air and said everything smelled so good, and offered her help while I took a shower.
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