He was there to inspect the a/c unit

I wasn’t expecting to see an HVAC professional come to the door last week. Mom had told me she was expecting a guest, but she didn’t tell me who it was. She told me that if someone came to the door, I should let them in. I was cleaning my room when the doorbell rang. I walked to the door, and there stood an HVAC professional. I invited her in, and told her I was just cleaning our living room, and she could wait for mom or come up to the room with me. She told me she would wait in the living room. This seemed odd, but I took her to the living room and offered her a drink and a muffin. I told her mom didn’t tell me she was an HVAC professional. That’s when I saw the weird look on her face. She told me mom should have told me. She was there to inspect the air conditioner unit. Mom had only told me she was expecting a guest, but she didn’t say it was an HVAC professional. I sat down at the table with 2 cups of coffee and a pan of freshly made muffins, and told her what mom had said. She didn’t know who I was expecting, but she was here to work on the A/C unit. She showed me her job order, and I laughed. They had transposed 4 numbers, but the name was wrong. She was looking for our friend who lived 3 doors down. We both laughed, and she said she hoped our dealer showed up soon.