I chose a career that I love

My sibling is almost 5 years younger than I am, and he could not believe I was going to be an HVAC professional.

It was strange that a lady became an HVAC professional, but I didn’t know I would become a spectacle to the family.

My sibling laughed at me and thought I was some kind of freak. I told him he was a freak, which made me less grown up than my fifteen-year-old sibling. I was getting ready to go out last week, and he was the first one to open the door when my date showed up. My sibling laughed and asked him if he knew he was going out with an HVAC professional. My date turned around and told him it wasn’t nice to laugh at the HVAC professional. My sibling grimaced and walked away. When we got out of the house, he asked me why I hadn’t told him I was an HVAC professional? I told him that most men didn’t want a lady who did a man’s job. They thought it took away from your femininity and were afraid you would try to be the man in the relationship. I was a strong lady in every way, but I still enjoyed being a woman. He told me his sister was an HVAC professional and he would put her up against any other woman, and she would win in looks and womanliness. He was happy that I chose work that made me happy, and not because it was a job that should be for a woman.


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