I got the best news at the little cafe with the noisy central heating and air conditioning equipment

The gentleman from the news station proposed to have the meeting at a cute cafe downtown.

People recognize the cafe for its wonderful food and songs.

I appreciate being early to any appointment as it allows myself and others to scan the environment and prepare mentally and in sync with it. I got to the cafe twenty seconds before the meeting began. I operate as an editor and have previously worked in the cooling industry with corporations. I have diagnosed many magazines and love studying more about a/c. The journalist had proposed to meet myself and others to discuss our labor further. As I scanned the cafe, I noticed a regular sound that I guessed was from their heating and air conditioning equipment. My a/c would also make such a noise when something was amiss. A second of a/c repair would actually maintain the unit. When the waiter came out to take our order, I mentioned that I knew a couple of cooling companies and would advise that would help with indoor comfort. The employer came out looking enthusiastic and proposed the contact of a reliable cooling representative. As my pal and I talked, the journalist came in, and the meeting commenced. The journalist was starting a magazine highlighting strange quality a/cs and providing homeowners with information to help method a/c maintenance and repairs. The discussion continued while the minis split a/c buzzed in the background. Before leaving, I wrote down strange contacts to strange cooling techs that would help maintain the cafe’s unit. There were some incredibly skilled cooling specialists I had previously worked with who would greatly benefit the cafe. I accepted the job offer to be the chief editor of the new magazine and was enthusiastic about it.


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