I was saved by the nurses

I was at a home for the elderly last week.

They were having some difficulties with the HVAC system.

I was just about finished with the HVAC idea when an older gentleman approached. He asked if he could talk about the HVAC bill before I left. I told him that was fine, and was thinking it was someone from the office. He said he would wait in the dinner room until I was done. When I had the HVAC idea repaired, I walked into the dinner room. The man was sitting there waiting for me. When he saw me, he stood and told me to have a seat. He went over the HVAC bill and said everything looked good. He then tried to barter with me. He said there were multiple ways they could pay the bill. He could get the office to make out a check and send it to the office, or he could take a debit card. He could also work the bill off if I would allow him to work with him once in a while. He said he was an HVAC professional before he retired, and if he was allowed to do some odd jobs for the HVAC business, they would not need to pay him. They could take his salary off the bill. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say, and was saved when a nurse came out to take him back to his room. She told me he was an old HVAC professional and all he wanted was to work again. I talked to the owner of the HVAC business when I got back. I told him I knew an old HVAC professional who was so bored he was going to die, and I asked if he could talk to Mr. Porter.



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