The air quality sucked without the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system

I didn’t know my mom had left the apartment and told the HVAC professional I was still there.

She had said she had to leave, however I thought she would leave after the HVAC professional left.

She could have told me he was still there, and he would soon be done. I dressed and was getting ready to leave when he called out from the living room. I walked into the living room, and I was getting ready to call the police. When I saw the HVAC professional, I put the phone down and walked into the living room. I told him I thought he was gone, since mom had left. He explained she had told him I was still at the apartment and he should call out before leaving. He wanted to leave me the bill and explanation of what he had done to the gas furnace. I thanked him for the paperwork and told him I had to leave. If I wasn’t out the door in the next fifteen seconds, I would be late for work, and the hospital didn’t like it when the physicians were late. Later that night, I was working in the emergency room, when someone said the air conditioner wasn’t laboring. The air quality sucked without the HVAC unit on. I looked down the hall when someone said it was about time the HVAC professional got there. I saw the HVAC professional who was at our apartment earlier that day. He waved, and I waved back. Later that night, we ate dinner together. It was nice to see him again when I had time to sit and chat.


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