The Heating, Ventilation & A/C expert asked me out again

I was in the supermarket last week, and a man approached me.

He started talking like I should know him and asked if I was ready to go out on our date.

I looked at him and I didn’t know who he was. He told me he had been to the apartment when we met last week. He could not understand why I didn’t recognize him. Suddenly, he laughed and put his glasses on. He asked if I recognized him now. All I could picture was superman. When he put on glasses, no one recognized him. I didn’t recognize the HVAC professional without his glasses. I told him what I was thinking and he laughed. He said he only wore glasses when he was laboring. He was sad about getting dust or dirt behind the contacts and scratching his eye. He made that mistake when he was still an HVAC apprentice. His educator told him it would be best if he got rid of the contacts and wore glasses. It surprised him that I didn’t recognize him without his glasses. I told him superman was always saving the world, but Clark Kent was an unknown newspaper reporter. He told me I was right and asked if I wanted to go out with the HVAC professional or with Superman. I told him Superman, as long as he was also an HVAC professional. My superb friend and I had a good time on our date. He told me a lot about his job as an HVAC professional, and I told him about my job as a preschool lecturer. We laughed and had such a superb time that the HVAC professional asked me out again. He said he had to put on his glasses, because his contacts were making his eyes dry out.


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