The light couldn't reach through the fireplace smoke.

I’m not sure what my husband did, however last week he was lighting the fireplace in the lodge, plus the smoke was so thick you could get light to reach through.

It was similar to walking outside on a pitch dark night, trying to light your way with a match.

The air was white with smoke. I asked if he had opened the flue, plus he yelled he knew how to start a fire, however I was doubting it. My associate and I had never had a problem with the fireplace before. I went outside because I couldn’t breathe well, where I opened all the windows from the outside. My associate and I never latched the windows because my buddy and I were miles away from mankind. I left the door open to help air the house out; however, my husband yelled at me. I didn’t recognize what he was yelling about, because he was already coughing from the smoke. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and called the heating plus air conditioning business. I told them about the fireplace plus the person who answered asked about the flue. I told him I had asked my husband, even though he thought I was being a hindrance. He asked if anyone had cleaned the chimney. As far as I knew, the chimney hadn’t been cleaned in a couple of years, which is how long it had been since my buddy and I had been to the lodge. He told me that if there was something clogging the chimney, it could be the reason the house was filling with smoke. He called the local chimney sweep for us, even though he told me to tell my husband to open all the windows plus doors plus let the fire go out.

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