I learned about Heating service

I am so cheerful that my kids grew up in an age where information is right at their fingertips, however when I was their age, it wasn’t like that for me at all.

In fact, I didn’t use the internet until the mid-90s when I was in college.

During that time, we did things the seasoned college way by contacting people over the PC or by doing research in a book or Barnes & Noble resource. Today, if we have a question, the answer is seconds away after a few keystrokes on a PC. So, unlike my kids, I learned about things as they occurred in my everyday life, however for instance, I grew up in a major city, & we did not have central air conditioner where we lived. In fact, for most of my life, we used window air conditioning systems. So, growing up, I knew entirely nothing about central air conditioner. I didn’t even know that they had filters that needed to be changed. I discovered this when I moved into my first townproperty & had an issue with the Heating & A/C unit. After contacting an Heating & A/C repairman who came to fix the unit, he informed me that my Heating & A/C air filter was filthy. At that moment, I was shocked because I had no idea that air filters for Heating & A/C units existed. After explaining to the Heating & A/C repairman that it was the first time I lived in a property with an Heating & A/C unit, he was kind enough to explain to me how to change the filter & what I needed to do to maintain the unit, and my kids won’t have to go through any of that. If they run into an Heating & A/C issue, a simple Google search will supply them all the information they need.


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