Getting more modern Heating and A/C

It’s really cool how my dad is now down here with us.

  • It took a whole lot of lobbying on my part, in addition to my siblings chiming in for us to get him to move… Dad grew up and spent her entire adult life way up north.

This is the land of the natural gas heating system and not for the faint of heart when it comes to cold winter time weather. My dad died four years ago after a brief illness. I think dad wanted to stay in the family cabin as an attachment to mom. But it was getting to the point where she wasn’t able to get out of the place when the snow came. And it was just too much home for him to keep up. My siblings really thought she should transfer south where I live and I agreed. So I asked if I could work remotely from home for a couple of months to get up north and help my dad sell the house. My buddies and I replaced the residential Heating and A/C device and did some other replacements to the house. I was sort of blown away by the final number. I’m so thrilled my pal and I were able to fully capitalize on this real estate bubble. So my pals and I moved dad down and she initially stayed inside the central air conditioning of our cabin with us. This was a great way to transition for him as she just likes being around her grandchildren. It took us about 5 or 6 weeks to find the right spot for him. It’s a nice little house that sits right on a hockey course. This is simply heaven for my dad as just watching hockeyers is a good time for him even if he’s not playing around . My buddy and I were also lucky that this place came with the latest in Heating and A/C tech and a modern heat pump.

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