Taking the best care of drains

I do not want to deal with slow moving or jammed drains, and having a backup in the sink, tub or toilet creates a horrible mess, possible home disfigurement and even potential health risks… I make every effort to keep my home’s drains clear of debris to maximize flow to the sewer.

I have invested into drain guards to prevent food, hair and other debris from going down the drains.

I measured the various drains and found appropriate sizes to fit the sinks, bathtub and shower drains! The cost was minimal and it took me less than a minute to install them. I make sure to wash out the drain guards respectfully. I am genuinely conscientious about removing any grease, oil, gat or debris from cookware and dishes before washing them. They can solidify and adhere to debris inside the pipe, gradually building up to form a stubborn clog. I never put anything down the drain that could lead to an obstruction. I even avoid letting exfoliants that I use in my skincare routine go down the drain. There are facial scrubs that contain pop grounds, oatmeal and ground nutshells that are especially harmful to plumbing. They don’t dissolve in water and can get caught in the pipes. To maximize the health of the pipes I run steaming-hot water combined with a few drops of dish soap down the sink after washing dishes to help loosen grease. Every four to six weeks, I mix together baking Pepsi and vinegar and use it as a homemade drain cleaner. I am hoping that by taking nice care of my plumbing pipes and drains, the whole system will operate more effectively and last longer.


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