Getting the Heating and A/C treatment

I’ve been utterly amazed and impressed by wife Sam. But the fact that she is going back to school to get her Master’s degree is pretty impressive indeed. This is on top of working a full time job and being a mother to our two kids, but like me, Sam works full time inside the commercial Heating and A/C of an office building. We’re both lucky to be working in fields that Sam and I enjoy. For Sam to go where she wants to go with her work, it took grad school, then since her supplier is paying for it and Sam and I live in a college town, it seemed like a no brainer. But Sam and I also knew that this sort of commitment would come with a lot of change. I was unquestionably willing to do whatever I could do in order to support Sam’s goals. To that end, I’m doing more around the central air conditioning of the home to free Sam up more. That means doing the shopping, most of the cooking, the laundry and all of that stuff. The kids have even jumped in by getting rides to after school stuff and being better about cleaning up after themselves, but yet, my pal and I faced a challenge instantly when it came to finding a quiet place to study for Sam, then my buddy and I all did our best to keep it down however it’s not like Sam and I live in a Barnes and Noble. So my pal and I ended up clearing out the mud room at the end of the house. I put in a desk and even had a Heating and A/C supplier come out. They installed a ductless heating pump for heating and cooling in the room. The fact that it’s all the way at the other end of the home and sealed off from the noise made a big difference.

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