Love maxing out the air conditioning on holiday

I’m stoked to have all the holiday time that I do.

But it also took decades of working inside the commercial Heating and A/C of the office building to get to this point as well.

Still, having 5 weeks of paid holiday time is something I cherish. And getting away at the end of Summer for two full weeks has been an annual tradition since the kids were little babies. In fact, my wife Sam and I used to get away for four or five afternoons at the end of Summer before the kids were born. Now, the children are having children and that makes the family holiday even that much more fun. But for me, I want to indulge myself when it’s holiday time. I am good about eating right and getting out of the commercial Heating and A/C at supper time for walks. I’ve cut out so more than 2 things that I still have such a craving for. So the holiday is a time where I can indulge my appetites a bit and not feel terrible about it. And these last few afternoons, a little bit of those cravings go a legitimately long way. Another thing that has been curbed inside our cabin is the air conditioning. Sam and I have a smart temperature control now that really keeps precise tabs on the air conditioning output. From a cost reduction standpoint, that’s just awesome. Sam and I are saving so much more money over the course of an entire heat season from August through September. Sam makes sure that the holiday rental my pal and I stay in has zone controlled Heating and A/C. I like to have temperature controls in our dining room so I can crank the cooling and snuggle in deep even though it’s the beach near the end of Summer.
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