New additions to the old air conditioner

When Sam and I first moved down here, I was so thrilled that Sam and I had pretty much negligible heating costs.

And that sort of spilled over to how Sam and I approached the air conditioner during the Summer months. For sure, the intense Summer heat plus humidity are just a complete monster plus a bit overwhelming at 1st. So I figured since I wasn’t paying genuinely anything in heating costs that I’d just lean into all the cooling Sam and I wanted during the Summer. That’s one way of looking at it! However it soon became clear that this was a dumb way of cooling down the house. After letting the air conditioner just run wild for the first three years, I decided to start updating the house in order to save on cooling costs. From there, it has been sort of an unusual little interest for me to keep saving just a bit more each year when it comes to the air conditioner costs. This year is not different. Of course, I consistently start with HVAC repair on the heat pump. And then stopping the direct sunlight heating plus sealing up the house genuinely slim are the next essential steps. But after that, I’ve added something new each year to save a bit more. The greatest saver so far was genuinely adding the smart climate control unit. That HVAC technology was a big saver at nearly fifteen percent over the year prior. Yet, I still like to add a bit to the air conditioner plan. So this time, I’m going to try plus cook outside on the grill all Summer instead of heating up the place with the stove or the oven. It’s either that or try hanging up the clothes instead of using the clothes dryer.

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