Self sufficiency and HVAC

When Ed and I first moved out here, it was so weird than it is now.

Even with all the planning plus strategic execution of our plan, it was strenuous at first.

Living off the grid is not something that was done often back when I chose to do it. But these days, I even have residential HVAC at my cottage way out here in the woods. It was so funny when the HVAC professional had to follow me all the way out here. I had paid him a bit extra for them to make the trip. Still, that HVAC contractor was pretty blown away by how deep out in the woods I genuinely live. The HVAC professional was able to install a ductless heat pump that day plus was back in the world by nightfall, then and I was now the proud owner of a sweet ductless heat pump. It’s just me plus Ed out here so it’s not like my associate and I need a ton of space. So just one ductless heat pump was all we genuinely needed. When it comes to heating, the wood stove provides all of that plus then some. But as Ed and I are getting older, my associate and I sure wanted some air conditioner for the Summer months. It can get rather thick plus boiling here to the point that fans just weren’t splitting it. With the advanced solar panel array Ed and I installed along with the advancements in HVAC technology made residential HVAC an option for us. Ed even used the heating from the ductless heat pump a few times this past Winter, however normally, there is a big fire going for heating all Winter. But when Ed and I have to travel or go to see someone overnight, it’s nice to have the ductless heat pump while I get the fire lit again.


Ductless heat pump