Swapping out the old Heating and A/C unit

I called a local Heating and A/C supplier and made an appointment for a Saturday.

My sibling Ed rarely calls me at the office so I knew that something was happening. I was pretty sure that Dad was okay since she had texted me the day earlier. This is my mom. I’m 50 years ancient and she’s over 70 however she still loves to say good day every, single afternoon. Honestly, I kind of love it. But laying in the zone controlled Heating and A/C of my office answering a call from my sibling made me start to stress and sweat. Thankfully, almost everyone was fine. Ed lives not too far from my Dad while I live nearly a thousand miles away. The nature of the phone call was to address the heating and cooling situation at mom’s. She is still in the little home that she moved to after Ed and I went off to college. It’s a small, 2 dining room with central air conditioning. But the Heating and A/C device is over 30 years old. I had tried before to get her to let me replace the residential Heating and A/C to no avail. She is stubborn like that when it comes to us helping her out. So Ed was telling me that she thought the heat pump had finally died however Dad wasn’t doing anything about it. That meant taking a trip to see Dad and get it done. There was no way my Dad was going through the Summer without air conditioning. I called a local Heating and A/C supplier and made an appointment for a Saturday. I showed up on a Tuesday and Ed and I made the choice to go together to talk with the Heating and A/C professionals. Looks like Dad will be getting a new ductless multi split system as the HVAC duct in her home is no good either. But ductless heat pumps are awesome and Dad will have air conditioning.