We are getting a better heating plus cooling system at work

So the next two Tuesdays, my associate Sam and I are both laboring remotely from our house as our office gets current commercial HVAC.

This has been long awaited by all of us who’ve suffered under the worst heating plus cooling.

I’ve been in this office now a dozen years plus the commercial HVAC system has never been good. In the Winter, I have to bring in a space heater. I put my space heating system right underneath my desk plus often have to wear my coat at times. This is just deranged to me! How could a huge supplier like this not maintain just basic heating plus cooling? I often wondered if it was just this office or what. Well, I got my answer when I was sent to the southern office to fill in for a month. That location not only had good commercial HVAC however there was also zone controlled HVAC in the office. I was astonished at just how amazing that location was plus the heating plus cooling was nearly perfect. When I came back here, I genuinely gave an earful to corporate when they asked for my feedback on my time in the south. And I didn’t let up either. I encouraged my colleagues to press corporate for current commercial HVAC as well. It just wasn’t right that Sam and I were somehow the stepchild office that wasn’t getting satisfactory heating or cooling. Well, I think our pushing for current commercial HVAC finally did something. The manager told us that it will take the HVAC professionals two full weekends to replace the commercial HVAC. And my associate and I too are getting zone controlled HVAC as well. I understand that there are now 8 HVAC zones in the office. It’s overdue however man, I’m so delighted it’s happening.
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