I learned about HVAC maintenance from an HVAC repairman

I am so glad that my kids grew up in an age where information is right at their fingertips.

When I was their age, it wasn’t like that for me at all.

In fact, I didn’t use the internet until the mid-90s when I was in college. During that time, we did things the old school way by contacting people over the phone or by doing research in a book or library resource. Today, if we have a question, the answer is seconds away after a few keystrokes on a phone. So, unlike my kids, I learned about things as they occurred in my everyday life. For instance, I grew up in a major city, and we did not have central air conditioning where we lived. In fact, for most of my life, we used window A/Cs. So, growing up, I knew absolutely nothing about central air conditioning. I didn’t even know that they had filters that needed to be changed. I discovered this when I moved into my first townhouse and had an issue with the HVAC unit. After contacting an HVAC repairman who came to fix the unit, he informed me that my HVAC air filter was filthy. At that moment, I was shocked because I had no idea that air filters for HVAC units existed. After explaining to the HVAC repairman that it was the first time I lived in a house with an HVAC unit, he was kind enough to explain to me how to change the filter as well as what I needed to do to maintain the unit. My kids won’t have to go through any of that. If they run into an HVAC issue, a simple Google search will give them all the information they need.
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