Installing an air purification system for a new home that had just been cleaned of mold

My clients bought a home that had a history of mold.

  • The owners were decent enough to tell them about it and how it had been resolved.

It was ready to be moved into, but they wanted to ensure that the indoor air quality was not compromised. During our home service consultation, we gave them the option of having an HVAC professional assess the air quality. We did some duct cleaning in case any issues were detected, but they were keen on installing new HVAC equipment. Their priority was installing a smart HVAC system to handle any humidity issues and improve their home’s air and an additional whole home air purification system to ensure they were not exposed to mold or other contaminants because they had young kids. The clients had already researched the HVAC they wanted to be installed in their home and were specific on the type of air purification help we’d get for the entire house. They kept their budget open for whatever amount the HVAC technician would quote for the equipment and the installation fees. Our role in the place was to link them up with the best service providers and ensure that issues like air purification would be sorted out by the time they moved in. They were correct to change the entire heating and cooling system because apart from the dirty air filter, some parts of the ductwork needed extensive repair, which would mess up any air purification help we’d install for them. The air purifier was added to their A/C system, and even for us, who’d spent hours in the house doing renovations, we could feel the difference in the air after the installation.


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