I had the largest scare of my Life

The last time I saw my mother, I was sad because she was in poor health.

Unfortunately, mom is not the type of mother who shares her problems with her children.

I did not feel comfortable leaving her feeling ill and depressed. I discussed my plans to visit my mother over the weekend with my spouse and colleague. My friend and I would not tell her to avoid stressing out this time. Thank God my colleague and I visited unannounced, as this was the only way we could discover the truth. My mother’s health had been deteriorating for several months. She was frail and frail, only putting on a brave face when my colleague and I visited her. This one-of-a-kind afternoon, she was too weak to turn on the heater. Mom’s residence was becoming increasingly chilly as winter approaches. She resided in a hilly area of the countryside because she enjoyed farming. My friend and I tried repeatedly to convince her to accompany us to the neighborhood, but she refused. Mom lay on her bed emaciated and nearly pale. Together, my friend and I rushed her to the hospital, where she was admitted for treatment. I later returned to her residence to determine why it was so chilly. I contacted Mr. Wilson, mom’s Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman, to inquire about the date of the last Heating & Air Conditioning service. The Heating and Air Conditioning equipment had been neglected for over a year, much to my surprise. This was so unlike my mother, which increased my concern. My friend and I later discovered that mom had memory problems. She required our assistance, and my colleague and I were willing to move back to be with her because she refused to relocate to the city. My friend and I contacted the Heating & Air Conditioning company to perform general Heating & Air Conditioning service and replacements to ensure the comfort of the home.
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