Crushed Heating as well as A/C unit

Whew! That was quiet the storm! It sounded like a war zone outside. The thunder as well as lighting were cracking, debris flying everywhere as well as trees coming down. Living where these storms are “normal” during the late summer time as well as early fall can be a challenge. I went out to check out the harm from this last one as well as my heart sunk as I saw the remnants of my Heating as well as A/C outdoor unit. A big tree had fallen directly on it as well as crushed it flat. The power was out on our whole street anyway even though I headed to the basement to break the breaker to the unit. I didn’t want an electrical fire on top of everything else. With no power, a/c, as well as the mess to scrub up, it was going to be a actually long couple of afternoons. First, I called my Heating as well as A/C business on the cell phone as well as left a message for them to send someone as soon as possible, then I headed to the shed for the chain saw so I could detach the tree. It was nearly 71 degrees as well as I almost cried as I realized that, not only would I be hot as well as sweaty until I could get the device replaced, the expense would be actually high. I do have insurance as well as i knew that they would help with the replacement costs even though I didn’t want to wait for that so I would just spend money for it upfront! This experience has forced me to make the decision to take down the rest of the trees close to the house. I can’t afford to replace my Heating as well as A/C system due to another storm in the future.

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