Wrong clothing for a celebration

I just love Easter! It is time of year where thoughts turn to rebirth and second chances.

  • No matter your Faith, you can’t deny that the world around you is bursting with new life, then at least in most parts of the country.

My mom keeps texting me pictures of his gardens all in bloom and making me long for warmer weather. I have two daughters and he even sewed some cute little sundresses for them to wear on Easter morning. She wanted me to send his pictures of them in their dresses however there was no way that I could put them on. Easter morning, the weather was terrible. The temperature was only twenty degrees, it was windy and snowing. You see, we live way up north and most Easter’s that I can recall are filled with this type of weather. My buddy and I spend the time from Halloween through Easter bundling our kids up in layers so they can survive the cold. The only way we would be able to have them wear sundresses is if we made the decision to go to my mom’s locale for a visit. Maybe that is what he was hinting at by sending them. I called his and told his that I would send pictures of the boys in the dresses on Mother’s afternoon. Until then, we will stay indoors, dress in layers, and depend on our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system to keep us moderate and toasty. My buddy and I even have our egg hunts in the apartment because it is way too cold for the adults to hide them or the kids to find them out in the snow.

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