A startling adventure

I have been running a small craft corporation for a couple of years now.

I make several handmade items that are one of a kind and wanted to branch out into online sales.

The big question was, “where do I begin?”. I started looking into other sales sites like Ebay and Etsy, these would work, I thought, but, then my friend and I was paying fees and splitting into my already small profits, but then, I looked into making a page on my social media place that would highlight my corporation and show pictures of what I had available. The problem with that was that there was no way for a guy to pay me and supply their shipping information. I had to call each guy and get their payment information. Many people this week are hesitant to supply debit card information on the iphone and I can’t say as I blame them, however after much trial and error I decided to hire a school student to design and update my website on a yearly basis. They incorporated a PayPal affix so that my buyers could pay safely and I would get the information immediately. This was a much more cost effective way to do things as large companies that supply these services can be genuinely expensive. Additionally, since I have my own place I don’t get lost in the sea of other artisans like on those other sales sites. If someone comes to my site, they are only seeing my own designs, but even though I am paying a fee for the upkeep and the initial place design was a bit overpriced, I feel that it was well worth every penny.


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