Leaky windows cause major problems

When my brother and his friends rented a flat downtown they were very excited about it.

It was located in the heart of the party district and they planned on making it into the ultimate party place.

They bought second hand furniture so that if it got ruined they could replace it cheaply. They had two refrigerators that they planned on keeping stocked with beer and munchies. This seemed like the perfect plan and they figured they could afford that lifestyle if they pooled their money each month. As with most, well laid plans, this too never came to fruition. They didn’t take into account how high their utility bills were going to be or the fact that the downstairs neighbors may have something to say about the all night parties. The flat was in an older building with very poor insulation and huge windows that barely blocked out the temperature outside. I think they kept the bugs and rain out and that was about it. Because of this, the heat and air conditioning barely kept the place livable. They were paying almost as much for the utilities as they were for rent. This meant that there was barely anything leftover for food, let alone beer. The party place soon turned into a money pit that they couldn’t afford. The HVAC system was working non-stop to try and keep them comfortable. They did try talking to the landlord about the problem and letting him know that he was damaging the HVAC system by making it work so hard, he didn’t seem phased by the news. His only suggestion was that they could move if they didn’t like it.


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